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Prof. Dr. Md. Zahangir Kabir

The world’s economic center of gravity has shifted to the East with the rise of Asia. Bangladesh, one of the fastest growing nations in Asia, even during the global financial crisis and its aftermath, has been able to achieve GDP growth at more than 6 percent on an average. The combined contribution of industry and service sectors to GDP in FY 2014-15 is about 84 percent. So, it is an exciting time for business schools in the region, as they play a critical role in contributing to its economic transformation and social development. The Faculty of Business Studies was established in 2004 as the third faculty of HSTU. The core purpose of this faculty is to educate leaders that create value for society. Our primary goal is to become one of the most prominent business schools in Bangladesh. Our faculty offers specialized programs like BBA, MBA, and MBA (Evening). As new technology and market forces make the global economy profoundly competitive, business education needs to be global in outlook, rigorous and bold. New ideas, new products and new economies demand new insights, tools and responses. Different programs of the faculty of business studies in HSTU meet the needs of business professionals at critical stages of their careers: from new graduates and early career professionals, and budding entrepreneurs, to those taking the next step to lead organizations. If you want to be a business professional pursuing a BBA degree with deep specialization in Accounting, Finance and Banking, Management, or Marketing you will be learning from the faculty members with great aspirations and commitment. Our MBA program recognizes that managers deliver results through and with others. This is why the cohort experience, social networking, and case analysis are an integral, carefully crafted part of the same. Our MBA (Evening) program enables senior leaders from diverse background to unify and broaden their skill set to effectively lead organizations. All the faculty members of BS have excellent academic background from recognized universities. Majority of our faculty are young, positive, and aware of contemporary business know-how. They are continuously publishing articles in international and national peer reviewed journals. We are dedicated to achieving academic excellence in the Faculty of Business. We look forward to working closely with the community that extends beyond the walls of our Faculty—our alumni, corporate partners and other key stakeholders, with a shared vision of making the world a better place to be.

Prof. Dr. Md. Zahangir Kabir
Dean, Faculty of Business Studies.

Business is the engine for the economic growth. The Faculty of Business Studies was established in 2004 with the prime objective of producing competent graduates with a deep knowledge about Business and its paraphernalia. Emphasis is placed on marketing, business management, finance and business administration.

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