2nd International Conference on Business and Economic Challenges (ICBEC) 2022 (click for details)
2nd International Conference on Business and Economic Challenges (ICBEC) 2022 (click for details)

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Prof. Rafia Akhtar
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Assalamu Alaikum. Welcome to the faculty of Business Studies (BS) at the University of Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University (HSTU), Dinajpur, Bangladesh. This is the first science and technology university in the northern region of Bangladesh. The Faculty of Business Studies constantly adapts to changes in the modern context of both business education and real work of business world. Business Studies Faculty was established in 2004 with offering the combined degree of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). In 2011 the faculty offered major degree from Level 4 and after that from 2018, BBA program had been offered by each Department from admission level. We also have Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, majors in AIS, Finance, HRM and Marketing for BBA graduates and MBA (Evening) Program for Executive and the graduates of other disciplines. Apart that many courses of business discipline are included in the curriculum of undergraduate programs of other faculties in this university. Which make use of their academic disciplines for better managerial and entrepreneurial skills. Doctor of Philosophy is also approved here. The conference, seminars, workshops, training, defense are arranged by this faculty with experts and resource persons. The faculty always perform outstanding teamwork with all the dedicated faculty and staffs as well as creative, energetic and smart students of new generation who have their participative mindset to meet the mission and vision of the faculty. Our scholar teachers have academic Excellence and expert experience in their field of study. They are committed to disseminate their knowledge and up-to-date information to the students and make them eligible and capable to compete in complex job market. As a Dean with the support of centers of Excellence and cooperation of enthusiastic faculty my future resolution is to be devoted toward developing our students, faculty as well as HSTU into the global leaders so that we can ensure positive differences in the community, organizations, society, country and obviously in the whole world. Thank you very much to visit our Faculty of Business Studies in the website of HSTU.

Prof. Rafia Akhtar
Dean, Faculty of Business Studies.

Vission & Mission


Our vision is to develop innovative corporate leaders comprising knowledge of all business functional areas with ethical and global perspectives. Our focus on developing responsible business professionals with entrepreneurial quality and patriotism to contribute for our country.

Our missions are:

1. To offer an outcome based quality education marked by strong expectation of employers and business community with instincts of our alumni as well as evaluative and competitive programs for our students.
2. To train the students to become future business leaders who think internationally, take initiatives and can work on multicultural teams combating challenges.
3. To enhance the expertise in quality research with critical problem solving capacity conduct defense on Business Research and Internship both in BBA and MBA program.
4. To support in tournaments of sports and indoor games and extra curriculum activities to nourish mental health of our students.
5. To develop personality of students by making them not just excellent professionals but also good individuals with understanding and regard for human values, pride in their heritage and culture, a sense of right and wrong, and yearning for perfection
6. To support the research expertise of the faculty members as well as other researchers of nation and abroad conduct yearly International Conference on Business and Economic Challenges of Business Studies Faculty.
7. To add values into the performance of HSTU stay abreast with the constructive activities using modern technological infrastructure and organizational system approach for the national wellbeing.

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

MBA in HRM, Finance, Marketing, Accounting and Information Systems.

MBA (Evening).

Doctor of Philosophy.


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Officer and Staff

  • Md. Mukhlasur Rahman Salafi (Ripon)

    Deputy Registrar
  • Mst. Mahabuba Sultana

    Assistant Registrar
  • Md. Ali Rumi

    Administrative Officer
  • Kaniz Parvin

    Administrative Officer

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