Welcome to
Faculty of Fisheries

Prof. Dr. A.K.M Rohul Amin

It is my pleasure to welcome you in the Faculty of Fisheries of Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University. This faculty was established in 2005 with four departments (Department of Fisheries Biology and Genetics, Department of Aquaculture, Department of Fisheries Management, and Department of Fisheries Technology). The purpose of the Fisheries Faculty is to cultivate students who can develop a well-rounded character and appropriately address educational challenges from an international perspective by helping them to systematically acquire logical and practical knowledge related to Fisheries discipline in order to contribute not only the development of communities and educational programs but also the improvement of skill and welfare. As Dean, I can proudly say that our Faculty is a vibrant learning environment where faculty, staff, students and community members regularly engage in active learning and rigorous scientific research. Most of our brilliant teachers performed their higher studies (MS, Ph.D) from renowned Universities of the world including Australia, Europe and Japan. Currently they are trying to contribute their higher study skills in our Fisheries Faculty for producing quality graduates and researchers.

Prof. Dr. A.K.M Rohul Amin
Dean, Faculty of Fisheries.

Vision of the Faculty
The vision of the Faculty of Fisheries is to establish a center of excellence in fisheries education and research.

Missions of the Faculty
The missions of the Faculty are to:
* Provide quality degree programs of international standard at undergraduate and graduate levels.
* Develop skilled manpower in fisheries sector through equip students with contemporary knowledge, new approaches and analytical techniques in fisheries education and research.
* Promote collaboration with academic and research institutions and professional bodies.
* Create a congenial atmosphere of learning aimed at developing technically sound and morally elevated individuals for the welfare of the society.

Vision of the program
To develop the program of the Faculty as an international standard.

Mission of the program
The missions of the Faculty are to:
* Make a challenging and comprehensive curriculum in fisheries science for providing degrees of international standard.
* Advance the professional education through teaching, learning and research in fisheries science.
* Serve the stakeholders through standard education, research, training, extension and outreach activities for economic growth, and food security and safety.

The Faculty of Fisheries was opened in 2004. It caters to the academic need of one of the most important sectors of our economy. Water is one of the greatest resources of Bangladesh with immense potential for development. The country is blessed with vast number of rivers and its tributaries, canals, lakes, ponds and other large and small water bodies. Proper development of these water bodies can have great impact on our economy and nutritional status. This calls for proper aquaculture and management of the water bodies. One prime objective of this Faculty is to produce highly trained graduates to develop the fisheries resources of the country. Degrees Offered: B.Sc. in Fisheries.

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