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Prof. Dr. A.S.M. Kibria
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Welcome to the students of Faculty of Fisheries at the Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University (HSTU), Dinajpur, Bangladesh. Fisheries Science is the theoretical and applied knowledge for understanding fisheries resources following a systematic methodology for their sustainable production. The faculty of fisheries was established with the vision to establish a center of excellence in fisheries education and research. The faculty is offering undergraduate program in fisheries science, as well as its four departments are offering Master of Science (MS) degree with four major: a) Fisheries Biology and Genetics, b) Aquaculture, c) Fisheries Management and d) Fisheries Technology. Other than offering quality education, the faculty promotes collaboration with academic and research institutions and professional bodies. In the Faculty of Fisheries of HSTU more than 30 teachers are striving by acquiring and delivering their knowledge to enhance the development and skills of the students in the domains of Biology, Genetics, Aquaculture, Fish diseases, Oceanography and marine science, Inland and openwater fisheries management, microbiology, Harvesting and Post-harvest processing, Biochemistry, Statistics, Economics and a lot more. We are trying to equip our graduates for the changing world of the future, especially to build the smart Bangladesh by 2041 that is declared by our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, MP. We are committed to helping build the next generations of scientists, and help them to build a better future for all. It is an exciting journey to live in this era of global climate changes and chronic food shortages but at the same time we express our commitment to solve these problems with our research skills and scientific integrity. So, I welcome the students to explore the opportunity of building and advancing their knowledge in this faculty and hope to inspire the students to lifelong fulfillment in fisheries science.

Prof. Dr. A.S.M. Kibria
Dean, Faculty of Fisheries.

Vission & Mission

Vision of the Faculty
The vision of the Faculty of Fisheries is to establish a center of excellence in fisheries education and research.

Missions of the Faculty
The missions of the Faculty are to:
* Provide quality degree programs of international standard at undergraduate and graduate levels.
* Develop skilled manpower in fisheries sector through equip students with contemporary knowledge, new approaches and analytical techniques in fisheries education and research.
* Promote collaboration with academic and research institutions and professional bodies.
* Create a congenial atmosphere of learning aimed at developing technically sound and morally elevated individuals for the welfare of the society.

Vision of the program
To develop the program of the Faculty as an international standard.

Mission of the program
The missions of the Faculty are to:
* Make a challenging and comprehensive curriculum in fisheries science for providing degrees of international standard.
* Advance the professional education through teaching, learning and research in fisheries science.
* Serve the stakeholders through standard education, research, training, extension and outreach activities for economic growth, and food security and safety.

Degrees Offered

B. Sc in Fisheries.(Hons.)


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Officer and Staff

  • Mohammad Rezaul Islam Sarker

    Deputy Registrar
  • Sardar Osman Goni

    Assistant Registrar
  • Karjon Saha

    Planning/Development Officer

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