Metempsychosis: Adopting New Normal

Department of Architecture, HSTU has been organizing open exhibitions for several years to share students' academic design works with the common people and their agents from different sectors. In its continuation, the design exhibition in a new style is being carried out to accelerate the joy of celebrating University Day 2021. The new form of the exhibition is as much an attempt to resurrect humankind from the onset of the ongoing global epidemic. As in the past, the works by students of the Department of Architecture under the Design Studios of different years are included in this exhibition. The entire exhibition is organized into seven sections, including "Basics of Aesthetics and Spaces"; "Understandings of Climate and Functionality"; "Utilitarianism with Structural Innovation"; "Public Interest Design"; "Professionalism and Specificity"; "Design Thesis"; and "Rethinking of HSTU Campus".