Living and Culture

Halls of Residence

Students admitted to the faculties reside in or are attached to a hall of residence. The university has six halls of residence: three for male students and three for females. Halls are headed by a provost (called Hall Super) who is assisted by house tutors and assistant house tutors. The administration of a dormitory is controlled by a Hall President and his/her assistants.

Student Organizations:

Students at HSTU are involved in extra-curricular activities. The student organizations are:

  1. 1. Bangladesh Veterinary Students Association
  2. 2. ABS (Assosiation of Business Studies)
  3. 3. ESA (Engineering Student’s Association)
  4. 4. SAFF (Student’s Association Of Fisheries)
  5. 5. BSWF (Business Studies Welfare Fund)
  6. 6. AFCSE (Association of Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering)
  7. 7. Student's Association of Faculty of Agriculture
  9. 9. Programmers Arena
  10. 10. EEE CLUB OF HSTU
  12. 12. এসো গণিত শিখি(CSE Faculty)
  13. 13. Orko Shangskritik Jote
  14. 14. Senjuty Sangskritik Oikko
  15. 15. Rotaract club of HSTU
  16. 16. Debating Society of HSTU
  17. 17. Bondhu Pratidin, HSTU Branch (বন্ধু প্রতিদিন, হাবিপ্রবি শাখা)
  18. 18. HSTU Film Club
  19. 19. Prothom-alo Bondhusobha
  20. 20. Turbo Crater (A Music Band & Music School)
  22. 22. HSTU Blade Skater
  23. 23. BASIS Students' Forum HSTU Chapter
  24. 24. HSTU মজার ইস্কুল
  25. 25. Sanatan Vidyarthi Samsad, HSTU (সনাতন বিদ্যার্থী সংসদ, হাবিপ্রবি)
  26. 26. DE-CHOKRO, HSTU (দ্বি-চক্র, হাবিপ্রবি)
  27. 27. HSTU JOURNALISTS ASSOCIATION - হাবিপ্রবি সাংবাদিক সমিতি
  28. 28. CHEMISTRY ASSOCIATION OF HSTU - রসায়ন সমিতি

Student Counseling and Guidance:

The Students Counseling and Guidance Service helps students adjust to campus life, pursue curricular and co-curricular activities, develop their abilities for making wise choices and plans, and solve individual problems through counseling.

Sports and extracurricular activities:

The university organizes sports and other extracurricular and recreational activities. It provides intramural and extramural programmes.

Intramural and extramural programmes (games and sports):

The directorate organizes and conducts inter department and inter-hall tournaments, individual hall athletics, university athletics, and inter-university games and sports. Students participate in national championships in games and sports for which training and coaching are offered.

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