Profile of Dr. Md. Maniruzzaman Bahadur


Dr. Md. Maniruzzaman Bahadur


Department of Crop Physiology & Ecology (CPE)

Faculty of Agriculture

Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science & Technology University, Dinajpur.


Mobile: +8801713163309


    Objectives I have following career objectives: 1.Development of crops that have high water-use efficiency (drought-tolerance), are high yielding, early maturing, and high consumer acceptability. 2.Developing of cropping systems for food and value-added products, which are compatible with environment safeguard. 3.Identification, development and application of advances in science and technology leading to improved production of safe and nutritious food. 4.Playing a strong and key advocacy role in technology transfer to agriculture and the food industry. 5.Training of competent and highly motivated graduates of careers in agriculture, food and environmental science, and capable of making significant contributions to the national effort in crop production, and to foster in these graduates life-long habits of leadership, innovation and extension service delivery. 6.Assisting university authority and other Stakeholders in developing agriculture policies that will facilitate and enhance increased agricultural productivity. 7.Dissemination of research findings through seminars, workshops and publications


    # Crop technology, plant nutrition, biodiversity, abiotic stresses, priming, cereal crops, climate change, heat and water stress. # Understand the mechanisms that plants have evolved to cope with environmental stresses.


Journal Papers

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