Profile of Dr. Md. Jamal Uddin


Dr. Md. Jamal Uddin


Department of Marketing (MKT)

Faculty of Business Studies

Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science & Technology University, Dinajpur.


Mobile: +8801716442883


    Branding, Consumer behavior, E Marketing


  1. PhD, 2017

    Institute of Bangladesh Studies, Rajshahi University

  2. MBA, 2004

    Rajshahi University

  3. BBA, 2003

    Rajshahi University

  4. HSC, 1999

    New Govt. Degree College, Rajshahi

  5. SSC, 1997

    Seroil govt. High School, Rajshahi.


  1. Professor

    February 04, 2021 to Present

  2. Associate Professor

    February 04, 2017 to February 03, 2021

  3. Assistant Professor

    August 21, 2011 to February 04, 2017

  4. Lecturer

    July 19, 2009 to August 20, 2011

  5. Lecturer (Part time)

    November 01, 2008 to July 18, 2009


Journal Papers

  1. List of Publications:

    1.     Sayem M, Uddin M. J., Rashid M.M, Uddin K M and Abedin Z. M. 2008. Global ICT development- Measuring ICT’s Role in Bridging Digital Divide and Fostering Economic Development. Journal of Science and Technology. Vol. 6: 80-96.

    2.     Uddin H M, Rahaman A M, Abedin Z. M, Rashid M.M and Uddin M. J. 2008. Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Bangladesh Economy: A Theoretical Appraisal. Journal of Science and Technology. Vol. 6: 184-194.

    3.     Kalam A, Uddin M. J. and Abedin Z.M. 2010. Evaluation of Consumer Perception for Nokia Mobile Handset in Bangladesh. Journal of Science and Technology. Vol. 8: 19-29.

    4.     Kalam A, Uddin M. J. and Oan M N. 2012. Present Status and Nature of User of Debit Card in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Research Publications Journal. Vol. 6: 291-304.

    5.     Uddin M. J. and Sayem M. 2012. Job Satisfaction of Bank Employees Working with E- Channel Service Delivery Network: A Study on Selected Private Commercial Banks in Bangladesh. Journal of Business and Economics. Vol. 7.3: 165-178.>>

    6.     Uddin M. J., Abedin Z. M and Kalam A. 2011. People’s Awareness towards the Vaccination Program (A Case Study of Rajshahi District in Bangladesh). Journal of Science and Technology. Vol. 9: 41-44.

    7.     Uddin M. J. and Kalam A. 2011. Measuring Satisfaction Level of GrameenPhone Internet User in Bangladesh. Journal of Science and Technology. Vol. 9: 30-33.

    8.     Uddin M.J., M.Z Kabir, M.M Rahman, R. Akhter, 2016. Factors Affecting Overall Job Satisfaction of Mobile Telecom Employees in Bangladesh, International Journal of Innovation and Scientific Research.Vol. 21 No. 1: 1-10. 

    9.     Rahman S.M.K., Tania T.C. and Uddin M.J. 2017. Expectancy Disconfirmation of Customers towards the Services Rendered By Commercial Banks in Bangladesh: A Study on Selected Banks. Journal of Science and Technology. Vol. 15: 9-13.

    10. Kalam A., Akhtar R. and Uddin M. J. 2018. Exploring Tourism Facilities in Dinajpur District of Bangladesh: A Study on Ramsagar National Park. Global Journal of Management and Business Research: F Real Estate, Event and Tourism Management. Vol. 18 Issue. 1 Ver.1.0: 14-20.

    11. Uddin M. J. 2018. Impact of Integrated Marketing Communication on Customer Based Brand Equity of Mobile Operator Services in Bangladesh. Journal of Science and Technology. Vol. 16: 74-80.

    12. Uddin M.M., Islam R., Uddin M.J., Rahman M.M. and Parvin M.H. 2109. A comparative Analysis of liquidity, solvency and profitability of State-owned Commercial Banks (SCBs) and Private Commercial Banks (PCBs) of Bangladesh. International Journal of Science and Business. Vol. 3, Issue. 6: 118-26.

    13. Uddin M.J., Rahman M. M, Kalam A and Rahman M.F. 2019. Advertising Effectiveness and Influence of Consumer Buying Decision of LED Television. Asian Business Review. Vol. 9: 77-82.

    14. Kabir M.Z., Mawa J., Rahman M. M., Chowdhury S.P.and Uddin M. J. 2020. Effectiveness of Training in the Banking Sector of Bangladesh. International Journal of Science and Business. Vol. 4. Issue. 1: 1-12.

    15. Uddin M. J., Uddin M.M. and Jaman S.M.S. 2020. Brand Switching Behavior of Young Consumers in Bangladesh: A Study on Mobile Handset Brands. Journal of Science and Technology. Vol. 20: 70-75.

    16. Uddin M. J., Begum  H., and Rouf  M.A. 2022 (December). The Impact of Packaging on Consumer Buying decision: An application on Consumer Goods. Journal of Science and Technology. Vol. 20: 76-81.   .

    17. Uddin M. M., and Rouf M.A, Uddin M. J and Sabuj M.M.I. 2022. Role of NGOs in Financial Inclusion towards achieving sustainable development goals in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Rural Development Studies. 25(2): 11-22.

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