Profile of Dr. Md. Alamgir Hossain


Dr. Md. Alamgir Hossain

Associate Professor

Department of Management (MGT)

Faculty of Business Studies

Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science & Technology University, Dinajpur.



    My professional aim is to make a contribution to organizational value addition through hard work by leveraging the knowledge and skills acquired through academic studies and work experience.


    International business, E-commerce, S-commerce and Digital social media.


  1. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Economics from the Department of International Trade, 2019

    Chonbuk National University, South Korea

  2. Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Management, 2010

    University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh

  3. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Management, 2008

    University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh

  4. Higher School Certificate (HSC) in Science, 2002

    Begum Nurunnahar Tarkabagish Govt. Degree College, Sirajgonj, Bangladesh

  5. Secondary School Certificate (SSC) in Science, 2000

    Raigonj Pilot High School, Sirajgonj, Bangladesh


  1. Associate Professor
    Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University

    February 22, 2019 to Present

  2. Assistant Professor
    Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University

    February 01, 2014 to February 21, 2019

  3. Lecturer
    Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University

    February 01, 2012 to January 31, 2014

  4. Lecturer
    Leading University

    September 19, 2010 to January 31, 2012


Journal Papers

  1. Hossain, M. A. (2019). Security perception in the adoption of mobile payment and the moderating effect of gender. PSU Research Review 3(3), 179-190. (Emerald Publisher) [DOAJ, CABELLS, EBSCO & British Library indexed] 

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  4. Hossain, M. A., Kim M., & Jahan, N. (2019). Can "Liking" Behavior Lead to Usage Intention on Facebook? Uses and Gratification Theory Perspective. Sustainability 11, 1166. [SSCI and Scopus indexed]

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  5. Hossain, M. A. (2019). Effects of uses and gratifications on social media use: The Facebook case with multiple mediator analysis. PSU Research Review (Emerald Publisher) 3(1), 16-28[DOAJ, CABELLS, EBSCO & British Library indexed]

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Conference Papers

  1. Hossain, M. A., Chowdhury, S. P., Islam, S., & Jahan, N. (April 2019). Can "liking" behavior lead usage intention of Facebook? Uses and gratification theory perspective. 2nd International Conference on Business and Management (ICBM 2019), BRAC Business School, BRAC University.

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  2. Hossain, M. A., & Jahan, N. (March 2019). A meta-analysis of security perception in the adoption of mobile payment and the moderating effect of gender. 1st International Conference on Social Sciences and Law-2019, Barishal University, Bangladesh.

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  4. Hossain, M. A., & Kim, M. (2018, July). Does multidimensional service quality generate continuous usage intention for Facebook users? The 3rd International Conference of Asia Research Forum (ARF). Keimyung University, Korea.

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  7. Hossain, M. A. (2017, November). The relationship between Internationalization and the Firm Performance: Evidence from Bangladesh. Korea International Accounting Association Conference. Chonbuk National University, Korea.


  1. Korean Government Scholarship Program, 2015

    Funded by: Republic of Korea