Profile of Sheik Istiak Md. Shahriar


Sheik Istiak Md. Shahriar

Assistant Professor

Department of Aquaculture (AQC)

Faculty of Fisheries

Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science & Technology University, Dinajpur.


Mobile: +8801779898272


    To think of ways of educating students that fascinate and motivate them towards study through keeping up with the cutting edge of today's modern teaching tools as well as to build a good rapport with both the students and my colleagues in the teaching profession so I am admired as well as respected.


    Taxonomy, molecular systematic, genetic engineering and advanced aquaculture operation.


  1. M Sc in Coastal & Marine Science, 2016

    Khulna University, Khulna, Bangladesh

  2. B Sc in Fisheries (Hons'), 2012

    Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science & Technology University, Dinajpur, Bangladesh

  3. Higher Secondary Certificate Examination, 2006

    Govt. M M City college, Khulna, Bangladesh

  4. Secondary School Certificate Examination, 2004

    Khulna Zilla School, Khulna, Bangladesh


Journal Papers

  1. Sex ratio, length-weight relationship, condition and relative condition factor of mud crab (Scylla olivacea) in Sunderban mangrove forest, Bangladesh

  2. Changes in growth performances, survival rate and water quality parameter of pond on different stocking density of Gulsha Tengra (Mystus cavasius) in a monoculture system

  3. Taxonomic confirmation of mud crab species (genus Scylla) in Bangladesh by nuclear and mitochondrial DNA markers

  4. Taxonomic Clarification of Mud Crab Species of Genus Scylla (Brachyura: Portunidae) Available in the Coastal Regions of Bangladesh

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