Profile of Dr. Md. Sultan Mahomud


Dr. Md. Sultan Mahomud

Associate Professor

Department of Food Engineering & Technology (FET)

Faculty of Engineering

Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science & Technology University, Dinajpur.



    I would like to devise captivating, fascinating, and unique practices of teaching that creates interest in the students. With the help of my cordial nature, I would like to build the good rapport with students as well as teachers around me.I would like to utilize my lively and energetic attitude in teaching student with great enthusiasm. My aim as an experienced teacher in an educational organization would be to render my knowledge, experience, and expertise in all aspects starting from organizational management to policy making to the proper molding of students in terms of teaching them the values and principals of life.


    I am interested in doing research in the area of food science and technology, especially in the dairy science for designing and developing different dairy based foods. I have also interset to extend the research in the field of metabolomics, protein interaction, whey protein denaturation, gel formation, rheology, firmness, texture analyzer, micro-structure, electrophoresis etc.


  1. Post-Doctorate, 2019

    Teagasc, Ireland

  2. Ph.D., 2017

    Gifu University, Japan

  3. Master of Science in Food Technology, 2013

    Ghent University and Katholieke University, Belgium

  4. Master of Science in Food Engineering, 2008

    Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh

  5. Bachelor of Science in Food Engineering, 2006

    Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh


  1. Associate Professor
    Department of Food Engineering and Technology, Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology Universi

    May 25, 2017 to Present

  2. Chairman
    Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technolog

    December 01, 2013 to August 15, 2014

  3. Assistant professor
    Department of Food Engineering and Technology, Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technolog

    August 16, 2011 to May 24, 2017

  4. Lecturer
    Department of Food Engineering and Technology, Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technolog

    January 01, 2008 to August 15, 2011


Journal Papers

  1. High carbon-di-oxide modified atmospheric packaging on quality of ready-to-eat minimally processed fresh-cut iceberg lettuce

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  2. The influence of pre-heat treatment of skim milk on key quality attributes of fat filled milk powder made therefrom

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  3. Effect of milk pH at heating on protein complex formation and ultimate gel properties of free-fat yoghurt

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  4. Evaluation of Physiochemical, Functional and Sensory Properties of Ice-Cream Incorporated with Tomato Juice

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  5. Effect of banana juice on the physico-chemical and textural properties of ice-cream. 

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  6.  Effect of grape juice on the physiochemical and sensory properties of yogurt. 

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  7. Formation of soluble protein complexes and yoghurt properties influenced by the addition of whey protein concentrate. 

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  8. Effect of micellar k-casein dissociation on the formation of soluble protein complexes and acid gel properties. 

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  9. Physical, rheological and microstructural properties of whey protein enriched yoghurt influenced by the heating milk at different pH values. 

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  10. Role of whey protein-casein complexes on yoghurt texture. 

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  11. Physiological changes in red onion bulbs at different storage temperature. 

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  12. Preparation of gluten-free bread using the mixture of different cereals grain flour. 

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  13.    Effect of honey and sugar solution on the shelf life and quality of dried banana (Musa paradisiaca) slices.

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  14. Physicochemical properties of flour and extraction of starch from jackfruit seed

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  15. Detection of cryptosporidium oocyts in commonly consumed fresh salad vegetables.

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  16. Period of acceptability of brinjal pickle stored in glass bottles at room temperature (20-270C)

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  17. Islam, M. A. Z., Kadira, A., Rani, L., Islam, M. M., & Mahomud, M. S. (2013). The effects of sweet potato flour on the quality of biscuit. Journal of Science and Technology. 11: 164-170

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  18. Processing and storage of instant cooked rice. 

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  19. The effect of mushroom powder on the quality of cake. 

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  20. Studies on the effect of starch on the quality of soyadahi.

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  21.  Effect of temperature and humidity on shelf life of ripe mangoes. 

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  22. Mahomud, M. S., Uddin, M. B., Rahman, M. M. A., & Parvez, M. A. (2008). Study on the preservation of mushroom by freezing. Journal of Bangladesh Society of Agricultural Science & Technology. 5(1&2): 225-230

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  26. Effect of starch and carboxymethyl cellulose on physico-chemical properties of tomato juice. 

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  1. Teagasc Post-Doctoral Fellowhip

    Funded by: Irish Government

  2. MEXT (Monbukagakusho) scholarship for doing PhD in Gifu University, Japan

    Funded by: Japan

  3. VLIR-UOS Scholarship for M.S. in Food Technology at UGhent & KULeuven, Belgium

    Funded by: Belgium


  1. Utilization of potato peel as a source of antioxidant in biscuit

    Funded by: IRT, HSTU

    Position: Principal Investigator

    Description: Potato is a major crop and one of the staple foods in Bangladesh. It is primarily used as a vegetable, which contributes more than 90% of the carbohydrate food source. During the manufacture of food products from potato, enormous amounts of food wastes such peels are generated. The potato peel is a zero value waste of the potato processing plants. Potato peel also has acquired attention as a natural antioxidant in food system due to its high content of polyphenols which was reported to be 10 times higher than their levels in the flesh accounting for approximately 50 % of all polyphenols in potato tuber. Biscuits are one of nation the most popularly consumed bakery items in the world. Some of the reasons for such wide popularity are their ready to eat nature, affordable cost, good nutritional quality, availability in different tastes and longer shelf life. Therefore, the present work is to undertake the following objectives To determine the natural antioxidant in the potato peels. To examine the effectiveness in the stability of antioxidant in the biscuits.