Institute of Research and Training (IRT)

Project Submission Criteria

Project Submission Pro-forma:

  1. 1. a) Name and designation of Principal Investigator (PI)/Research Supervisor (RS):

b) Name of MS/MBA? Ph. D Student:

ID No:

2.   Name of the Department/ Institute:

3.   Introduction of the Research Project:

      a)   Project Title (Bangla):

             Project Title (English in block letters):

      b)  Duration of the Project:

              (i) Commencement:

              (ii) Completion:

      c)  Total cost of the project (in Taka):

d)   Nature of Research:   Fundamental/Applied/Empirical/Adaptive

      e)  The project under the discipline: Agriculture (Crops, Veterinary and Animal Science, Fisheries etc.)/Computer Science and Engineering/ Engineering/Business Studies/ Social Science and Humanities/ Others

4.   The Department where research work is being carried out:

5.   Summary of the project (use separate sheets if necessary):

      a)   Significance and Objectives of the Project:

      b)   Up-to-date review of literatures related to the research work in Bangladesh and abroad:

      c)   Detailed methodology of the research work:

      d)   Expected Results:


e) Mention the contributions of the research findings in the national development,

planning and generation of knowledge:

      f)  Summary of the work plan:

Sl. No.



6. Facilities available in the Departments for the research work (Give a list):

7. Estimated budget (item wise):

Please specify the items

Total cost (BDT)

1. Honorarium for the PI/RS (fixed by IRT)


2. Allowances for research Assistant


3. Research materials including labour cost


4. Data collection/survey/tour


5. Stationary


6. Report writing


7. Miscellaneous


8.   Are the findings of the research used for preparing thesis or dissertation: Yes/No

9.   Have you taken any financial support from IRT for this research project?  Yes/No

      If yes, justify please

10. Have you taken any financial support from other organizations for this research  project?


  If yes, justify please

11. Attached CV of the Principal Investigator/Research Supervisor and Research Associates

      (if necessary):

Signature of the Principal Investigator/Research Supervisor with date

Signature of the Research Associate (If necessary)

Signature of the Chairman of the Department with date

Signature of the Director, IRT with date

Format for Evaluation of Research Project:

1.   Title of the Research Project:

2.   Code No/Reference No:

3.   Title of the Project:

      a) Is the title of the project appropriate? Yes/No

      b) Is the project proposal a duplication of any previous work? Yes/No

4.   Objective (s):

     a) Are the objectives reasonable? (Neither too limited nor too ambitious)Yes/No

     b) Are the objectives specifically stated to focus on the problems to be solved? Yes/No

     c) Are the objectives appropriate to accomplish the desired output? Yes/No

If the evaluator answer is "No" to any one or all above, please provide a short statement.

5.   Methodology:

     a)   Are the methods designed to achieve the stated objectives? Yes/No

     b) Is all the field work/data collection necessary? If yes, please state in brief. Yes/No

     c)  Would you like to suggest any modification in the Methodology or suggest any

alternative method to achieve the stated objectives? If yes, please state in brief. Yes/No

6. Budget:

     a) Is the expected output of research commensurate with the budget of the project? Yes/No

     b) Are all the research materials really necessary? Yes/No

7.   Time frame for research work

 Is the duration of research work appropriate to be achieved the objectives? Yes/No

 8.   Please give your comment on the expected impact of the research result on the quality of education and national development.

 9.   Do you recommend that the research project should be funded by IRT? Yes/No

 Please put your argument in favor of your recommendation.

Signature with seal of evaluator with date

Pro-forma for Submission of Final Report on Research Project:

1.   Title of the Research Project:

2.   Name of the Principle Investigator/Research Supervisor:

3.   Abstract (Not exceeding 300 words):

4.   Introduction:

5.   Methodology:

6.   Results and discussion:

      (Relevant data in tabular form, graphs, and charts should be included, wherever necessary).

7.   Literature survey:

8.   Conclusion:

9.   Mention if there is any special finding(s):

10. As per style and Contented of HSTU Journal:

Format for submission of information along with final report of research project

 1.   Title of the Research Project:

 2.   Department/Institute where research was completed:

 3.  (a)  Name of the Principle Investigator/Research Supervisor:

       (b) Name & address:

 4.   Duration of the Research project (From ------ to ------)

 5.   (a) Total amount sanctioned:

       (b) Amount received:

       (c) Amount spent:

 6.   Whether published/accepted for publication in any Journal or in book form

      If yes, please put the reference and enclosed the first page of reprints.

 7.   Are the results used for preparing a thesis or dissertation?

      If so, please cite the reference


signature of the Chairman of the Department/

Head of Institute


Signature of the Principle Investigator/

 Research Supervisor



Note:  1. This form should be sent to the IRT in a separate sheet along with the final report.

             2. The final report (A4 size sheet & 12 font size) must be typed and bound.